Thursday, 5 January 2012

A good old English Breakie!..

Not the whole shabang but just the eggs involved..

Yummy breakfast of soft boiled egg and soldiers

How to make runny eggs and dipping soldiers:

You will need:
* 1 egg
* Bread
* 15g butter (lurpak unsalted for me!)
*Small saucepan
*Timer (to perfect your runny yolk)

How to make:

First you need to fill your pan with water and using your spoon, lower your
egg into the water.

Let boil and leave the egg in the pan for a further 3 minutes.

While the egg is boiling you can toast your bread. 

Once toasted butter to your liking and then either cut into small 
strips of about 1-2cm thick or use a 
soldier kit you can buy here.

When 3 minutes from boiling is up, remove your egg immediately and place into egg cup.

Use knife to cut the top of egg off so it remains running yolk inside 
(otherwise the egg will harden)

Now, the fun part, get dipping!!!!

Enjoy my fave breakfast x x x 

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