Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The face of Ann Summers

Now the sexy ad has been aired on itv2, you the public can vote for your winner!

10 'real' ladies were chosen amongst 1000s of others in a bid to portray real women of different shapes sizes and personalities..

I myself, was lucky enough to be a finalist...

Im the size 14-16 curvier lady, and would love to represent sexy at my size!

The feminine form is beautiful in any shape and form, ladies from size small to big shapes and sizes of all looks are all REAL and TRUE WOMEN!!!

If you like what I portray, then get behind me; the curvy young girl..

Studying Criminal Justice amongst this, and enjoying life by smiling and feeling good!

Please vote here sexy uncovered Lucys page

*Im wearing Ann Summers Aurora Lace Cami Suspender..
You can buy it here Ann Summers

You can now spot all of us finalists in Ann Summers shop windows around the country!
It's so surreal!

Please also check out my video, I talk about being a Criminal Justice student, having confidence in my size 14 body and making sure every woman knows they are a real woman no matter what!!

All of us final ten.. the most lovely ladies ever! May the best girl win , good luck girls  <3
Read my interview with Invest in your chest here xxxx

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