Saturday, 5 November 2011

Baby you're a firework!

Winter is upon us! The leaves are now a golden brown and falling into piles on the road for children and our inner child to kick and make a mess from...

Its becoming more cold that I barely take my new aztec one piece off! Although Im finding them a pain to go to the loo in!

I write this on Bonfire night; in bed, wrapped in my Forever 21 cosy poncho; with the sniffles and sore throat lozengers! Boo Hoo..

I have just used St-Tropez gradual tan moisturiser for the first time tonight, lets hope it works well..
it definitely does not smell like fake tan, its soft and silky on the skin with a sweet scent...Pleasing already, now I await my gradual tan ....

Any sore throat remedies feel free to tweet me them @lucyannamoore

I am beginning to be a mute, I tried a brandy and coke which did help a bit!

Anyways this is an ill based blog where I am sat in bed with just my iphone,mac, the popping sound of fireworks and the American office on....

*pointless blog*

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