Tuesday, 15 November 2011


So.. I wanted to blog about the amazing Shoreditch House in London.

Me and the girls went for canapes of mini burgers, fishcakes,salmon...
and not forgetting some gorgeous cocktails, champagne and then a spot of bowling!!

Gold dress is H&M
Hair by Kayleigh Moore at RAE PALMER INTERNATIONAL

Burgundy Vampy Lips is CHANEL

I love being home by the seaside and harbour..
Went for a lovely ladies lunch in Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth

Also loving Westfield's cool mini bar of ice cream and slush!
Mint choc and choc ice cream, recommended! 

This month has also beenWAREHOUSE 35th birthday! Amazing!
Semi-prescious stone coral marks 35 years! 

This is what I wore..

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The face of Ann Summers

Now the sexy ad has been aired on itv2, you the public can vote for your winner!

10 'real' ladies were chosen amongst 1000s of others in a bid to portray real women of different shapes sizes and personalities..

I myself, was lucky enough to be a finalist...

Im the size 14-16 curvier lady, and would love to represent sexy at my size!

The feminine form is beautiful in any shape and form, ladies from size small to big shapes and sizes of all looks are all REAL and TRUE WOMEN!!!

If you like what I portray, then get behind me; the curvy young girl..

Studying Criminal Justice amongst this, and enjoying life by smiling and feeling good!

Please vote here sexy uncovered Lucys page

*Im wearing Ann Summers Aurora Lace Cami Suspender..
You can buy it here Ann Summers

You can now spot all of us finalists in Ann Summers shop windows around the country!
It's so surreal!

Please also check out my video, I talk about being a Criminal Justice student, having confidence in my size 14 body and making sure every woman knows they are a real woman no matter what!!

All of us final ten.. the most lovely ladies ever! May the best girl win , good luck girls  <3
Read my interview with Invest in your chest here xxxx

Press releases: daily mail
                       the mirror
                       PR Week
                                     Real women today

Sunday, 6 November 2011

49 days til' the big C

It's winter, its dark at 4.30pm, Im excited!

After watching my fave halloween film: Hocus Pocus, its time for the christmas 
classics to come out soon...

Elf, Miracle on 34th street, Scrooge, and the amazing
 'The real santa claus'

This is Tower Bridge, round the corner from my London home. Looking gorgeous on these cold nights.

Winter and Christmas time means time to be glittery and sparkly..

Here are some sparkly crystal bead shamballa bracelets that I am addicted to
You can get yours from Lu Lu Bella online boutique

& Here is my glittery customised poppy for remembrance day.

Saturday, 5 November 2011


LOVING with the tailored look! Bought myself yet another blazer today, A casual black blazer from Forever 21 .. I now have wayyyyy too many but believe me, each one is valued and needed!

When will blazers and smart wear ever be not on trend?! NEVER!

Of all the high street shops ZARA do it best!

Look at this amazing lady pulling off legs and a long boyfriend blazer..

As for men, well I love a man who knows how to wear a good blazer, I have a thing for elbow patches teacher esque look, old fashioned but uber smart!


Ralph Lauren blazers are also ones I would rate highly.. 

Blazers are so versatile, if you don't own one, don't be afraid to!

If you think these are too masculine get a drape edge blazer like this French Connection one..

Here is my favourite vintage blazer which I wore to Bestival- a festival on the Isle of Wight! 
Love this!
Me and my cousin at her baby shower, me wearing a nude blazer!

My boyfriend and I, me in a navy and grey trim blazer..

Baby you're a firework!

Winter is upon us! The leaves are now a golden brown and falling into piles on the road for children and our inner child to kick and make a mess from...

Its becoming more cold that I barely take my new aztec one piece off! Although Im finding them a pain to go to the loo in!

I write this on Bonfire night; in bed, wrapped in my Forever 21 cosy poncho; with the sniffles and sore throat lozengers! Boo Hoo..

I have just used St-Tropez gradual tan moisturiser for the first time tonight, lets hope it works well..
it definitely does not smell like fake tan, its soft and silky on the skin with a sweet scent...Pleasing already, now I await my gradual tan ....

Any sore throat remedies feel free to tweet me them @lucyannamoore

I am beginning to be a mute, I tried a brandy and coke which did help a bit!

Anyways this is an ill based blog where I am sat in bed with just my iphone,mac, the popping sound of fireworks and the American office on....

*pointless blog*

Friday, 4 November 2011

Ann Summers First Ever TV Advert..

To be aired between the series finale of The Only Way Is Essex on ITV2...Wed 9th Nov.

A competition to scout gorgeous real ladies to be the face of Ann Summers... 10 beautiful ladies were decided on, and only 1 can be the face of Ann Summers...

I recognise those feet ;-)


Go to Sexy Uncovered site to vote your winner and to find behind the scenes footage of the judging process which took place in the fabulous Charlotte Street Hotel with Ann Summers very own Jacqueline Gold and LOOK magazines Zoe Aird!

In the meantime keep your eyes peeled to see sexy teaser ads in the buildup to the first ever tv advert of Ann Summers!

It's going to be a real treat!!!

Sleek chic

I am loving the gorgeous wet look sleek combed to the head hairstyle.

I must try this soon with a big pair of gold coin earrings I have my eye on in H&M!

Look how gorgeous these brunettes look:

Ps: Lily Aldridge you are my lady crush forever!!!


Firstly its my baby brother and my big brother in laws birthday on this spooky day, so, Happy Birthday!!

We all had a lovely family meal at the lively Frankie and Bennies restaurant in Portsmouths' Gunwharf Quays.I recommend their hawaiian pizza. Delish!

It's always good to be home to have some quality family fun time, and be besides the seaside!

This year I had two attempts at pumpkins this year as my first sadly rotted too soon!

Me and friends went to party dressed as 3 kittens; I went as a tiger skin cat, and my friends; one a black cat, one a leopard cat! Had lots of fun dancing around cobwebs and hanging bones at Punk Soho in Central London.

I love to get some halloween spirited baked goods in as I adore baking and all things yummy.

Look at this eery but gorgeous eyeball cupcake from Borough Markets Konditor and Cook...

One beautiful bakery where you will want to just buy everything because it looks so well made and so pretty!! Look at this perfected raspberry meringue too! Mmm. I will be back very soon!

I LOVE Borough Market, am so lucky to live round the corner from you.
The smells from the market are just divine, and I love to get the homemade lemonade here!

Lu Lu Bella

My blog will consist of anything and everything that I take a liking to or want to express my feelings about!